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Welcome to Pils10 Webradio, your ultimate web radio experience! Immerse yourself in a world of pulsating beats and captivating melodies as we bring you the latest EDM, Gaming, K-POP, and NCS hits.

Why us?

We don't just offer an exceptional music experience. We also keep you informed with hourly news updates and provide captivating event and trade fair reports. Produced by Pils10 Entertainment™, our radio station is trusted by more than 6,000 monthly listeners who can't be wrong!

Our Playlists!

Familiar Tunes

Rediscover your favorite songs with a collection of well-known hits.

DJ / Remix / Live

Get ready to groove to electrifying mixes and live performances.


Indulge in the infectious energy of Korean pop music.

Unknown Music

Explore a selection of mysterious and unfamiliar music by independent artists.


Experience epic gaming soundtracks that transport you into virtual worlds.


Discover music used on TikTok, YouTube & other Social Media sites.

Our DJs

Our talented DJs create unique mixes and live performances that will leave you craving more. With their extensive knowledge and passion for music, they deliver unforgettable experiences every time.

If you think you have what it takes to become a DJ at Pils10 Radio, don't hesitate to apply! Contact us via the link in the menu.

Featured Artists

We work directly with the following featured artists:

Labels & Partners

We have partnered with TheDanceDivision & Laut.FM

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